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    Laptop Distribution, Grades 3-8
    Posted on 08/31/2020

    Laptop Distribution Grades 3-8:

    • 9 am-3 pm : September 2nd & 3rd
    • If you were unable to get a laptop for you student earlier this week, we are still working to get these out to you. Today and tomorrow, come to the courtyard off the parking lot by the library.  someone will be there to help you.  
    • If you are unable to get to TOPS and need a device dropped off, please email me at or

    Grades K-2:

    • iPads are NOT here yet.  
    • If your student does NOT have a device to access online learning starting on Friday, please email me ( or and we will work to get you a temporary device.
    • iPads are expected to be here next week.  As soon as they are here we will email you all with a distribution plan.

    Internet Help:

    • Please email me directly if you need assistance with internet or hotspots.

    School Tech Support:  Email Nick Schirmer for additional support,

    Link to District Tech Support: