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    1st Grade Supply List 2020-2021 


    Supply List: 

    At this time your child will not need a backpack but in the event, we can safely return to school they will need one.  


    Water bottle with tightly fitting lid (to stay hydrated throughout the day) 


    1 – pencil box (not bag) 

    1 –  deck of cards 

    2  dice  

    1 – box crayons 

    1 – box of skinny or fat markers 

    1 – pair of scissors 

    1 – set of  water colors 

    1 – pair of personal headphones 

    4 (or more) – glue sticks 

    3– composition notebooks 


    As this is a new learning platform for us all, there may be items we are unable to think of right now We will keep you updated as promptly as possible. 


    ~First Grade Team   


    For Art Specials 

    (In addition to the watercolors, markers, crayons and glue sticks listed above) 

    1 Sketchpad (unlined paper preferred) 

    2 Black Sharpies 

    2 Pencils 

    1 White Glue 

    1 Pack of assorted colored construction paper 

     Modeling Clay