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    TOPS Second Grade Supply List  

    2020-2021 School Year 

    Supplies List: 

    Small cubby bin or shoebox for supplies (12” x 7” x 5”, or similar, to hold notebooks) 



    Some sort of colors (pencils, crayons, or markers) 



    Sheet protectors (for homemade white boards) 

    Whiteboard markers 

    Pencil sharpener 

    Ziploc bags (sandwich or quart size for storage) 


    *Trifold display board – could also tape together pocket folders to create privacy screen, or heavy weight paper, cardboard box. 


    Deck of cards 


    For Art Specials:  

    (In addition to the scissors, colored pencils, crayons and glue sticks listed above) 

    1 Sketchpad (unlined paper preferred) 

    2 Black Sharpies 

    2 Pencils 

    1 White Glue 

    1 Pack of assorted colored construction paper 

    1 Set of watercolors with brush 

    1 12” ruler 

    Colored markers (fat or skinny) 

    Modeling Clay