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    TOPS Third Grade Supply List 

    2020-21 School Year 


    •   Spiral Notebooksregular 

    • 1  Spiral Notebookw/ graph paper 

    • 2  Two Pocket Folders with Prongs 

    • 1  Box of Pre-Sharpened Ticonderoga Pencils 

    • 1  deck of  playing  cards 

    •   6-sided  dice 

    • Optional:  Earbuds (recommended for online learning) 

    • Optional:  Privacy screen (recommended, can be made from a tri-fold poster board to help with focus)


    For Art Specials(In addition to the colored pencils, and markers listed above) 

    1 Sketchpad (unlined paper preferred) 

    2 Black Sharpies 

    2 Pencils 

    1 White Glue, 4 Glue sticks 

    1 Pack of assorted colored construction paper 

    1 Set of watercolors with brush 

    1 ruler 


    1 Box of Crayons 

    Modeling Clay