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    4th  Grade  Supply  List 2020-2021 


    •   Graph Paper  notebook  or graph paper for math 

    •   4-subject spiral  note book  with pocket dividers if possible  

    •   Composition book - for  writing 

    •  box for organizing school supplies  like pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler,  etc.- can be a shoe box or plastic box 

    • Pencils 

    • Pencil sharpener 

    • 2 colored correcting  pens  

    • Erasers  

    • Protractor  (important for the unit on angles!) 

    • Ruler  

    • 1 Small (12) package of colored pencils  

    • A set of headphones  (that can be plugged into the computer and used during online lessons)  


    Helpful Math Supplies: 

    • 2 or more six-sided dice 

    • A pack of regular playing cards  



    • Sketchpad (unlined paper preferred) 

    • Black Sharpie pen 

    • Pencils 

    • Markers 

    • Colored pencils 

    • Watercolors 

    • Crayons 

    • Colored construction paper 

    • Glue stick and/or White glue 

    • Scissors 

    • Modeling Clay 


    FOR MUSIC: