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    Friends of TOPS is a registered 501c3 Public Charity. Our EIN is: 94-3142402

    What fundraising buys?

    Have you ever wondered what your donation to the Fall Fundraiser or money spent at the Auction (or both!) is being spent on?

    For 2016-17, Friends of TOPS had 37 requests for funding, for a total of $266,556. We were not able to fund every request, but we were able to fund 33 projects for a total of $217,986.  Projects fall into five categories – Academics, Community, Multi-Cultural, Overhead and Miscellaneous, and Enrichment.

    Here are a few examples of projects funded in each category:

    Academics. This category includes projects ranging from Instructional Assistants in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, Math Support, Planting the Seeds, STEM IN-Class support, Science Materials and Middle School Art Support.

    Enrichment. This category covers a wide variety of projects including Elementary and Middle School Drama, K-8 Music including Band, Orchestra, and Vocals, Library Development, Dance, and Art teaching and supplies for Kindergarten through 5th grade, and After School Enrichment Scholarships.

    Community. Projects funded in this category include Food Security Backpacks, Healthy Snacks, the Ice Cream Social, New Family Orientation, Eighth Grade Passage, Classroom Funds and Teacher Appreciation. 

    Overhead and Miscellaneous. The Fall Fundraiser/Annual Campaign, The Auction, Accounting and Banking expenses, and Volunteering support are among the items funded under Overhead and Miscellaneous.

    Friends of TOPS funds so many important programs. Without your participation, many of the programs at TOPS – including some that you may have thought were funded by the School District – wouldn’t exist. Please be as generous as you can during the Fall Fundraiser and at the Auction – the only two Friends of TOPS fundraisers – to enable us to continue to offer these enriching programs benefiting all our students.

    If you are interested, here is a link to the 2017-18 Friends of TOPS Budget.