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    What is Site Council?

    Site Council is TOPS’ main governing body (similar to a PTA) and is made up of elected representatives from TOPS parents, teachers, students, school administrators, and the Eastlake Community. We are also trustees of TOPS’ parent-organized, non-profit fundraising organization called Friends of TOPS (FOT). Site Council supports curriculum enhancements and community building projects with the funds raised by FOT.

    Site Council typically meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the TOPS library from 5-7pm. You are welcome and encouraged to attend (but only elected representatives may vote). You will receive communications and minutes from Site Council via your grade band’s Google group throughout the school year. If you have questions or would like more information about Site Council or TOPS, we are here to help.

    Please contact your grade band rep (listed next page), or any other Site Council rep if you have questions about the TOPS community or school processes.

    2018-2019 Site Council Parent Representatives

    Lucas Dobbs
    Parent Rep, grade band K & 3

    1st Grade:
    Emma Hainer
    Parent Rep, grade band 1

    2nd Grade:
    Ted MacGovern
    Parent Rep, grade band 2 & 5

    (2nd Grade):
    Doug Stanley-Hunt
    Co-Chair, parent grade band 2

    3rd Grade:
    Amy Astle-Raaen
    Parent Rep, grade band 1, 3

    (3rd Grade):
    Tim Ahlers
    Treasurer, parent grade band 3

    4th Grade:
    Ian Dickson
    Parent Rep, grade band 4

    5th Grade:
    Christy Lesseig
    Secretary, parent grade band 5

    (5th Grade):
    Puneet Dewan
    Parent Rep, grade band 1, 5

    6th Grade:
    Tina Shereen
    Chair, parent grade band 1, 4, 6

    7th Grade:
    Colette (Coco) Gordon
    Parent Rep, grade band 7

    (7th Grade):
    Sharon Grey
    Communications Director, parent grade band 7

    8th Grade:
    Krista Hudson
    Parent Rep, grade band 5

    Eastlake Community Council Rep:
    Donna Peters
    ECC Rep

    Amy Schwentor
    Principal, parent grade band K, 2

    K-2 Teacher Rep:
    Tasha Gislason
    Teacher, 2nd grade

    3-5 Teacher Rep:
    Danielle Alon
    Teacher, 5th grade

    MS Teacher Rep:
    Guy Lawrence
    Teacher, Middle School

    Staff (non-voting)
    Alex LaRossa
    Assistant Principal 

    Friends of TOPS Bylaws

    Current Bylaws, December 2016