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    TOPICS 2017-18 Detail Published
    Posted on 09/17/2017
    Education through Community

    Over 30 years ago, the TOPICS program at TOPS was developed to utilize one of our best resources-- our community.  We pride ourselves in giving the opportunity for parents, guardians, friends and community members to share their talents, cultural diversity, knowledge and excitement for learning to our children.

    You too can get involved by:

    • Join us on Tuesday, Oct 10th @6:30 - 7:30pm in the TOPS Library
    • Jump right in by reviewing the information on the TOPICS page and submitting the needed detail.


    What is TOPICS?
    Approximately once a month for 2 hours, classroom teachers and volunteer parents, community members and older students share a particular interest, skill, or passion with small groups of mixed-grade students (about 12 1st-5th graders).  Each group or subject is called a TOPIC.  Through sign-ups, the students choose from the variety of TOPICS offered each time, one that is of interest to them.

    On a typical TOPIC day, you may find a group of 1st-5th graders with a parent learning about aerodynamics with paper airplanes, a teacher leading a group on a field trip to the Seattle Art Museum, students and a grandparent gardening at a local P-patch, or a local artist creating collages with students.

    How do I find the TOPICS page?
    You can find the TOPICS page under the Academics menu