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    Falcon Families,

    We made it!  You made it!  Four full weeks of school in the online environment is done.  Learning is happening.  Students are engaged and we are gathering feedback on what students know and are able to do.  We will continue to adapt, change and improve what is happening for TOPS students and families.  It is so important for our students to see their teachers and to be able to connect with their peers during this time.  We know circumstances in each home varies, please continue to connect your students to their synchronous times with their classes.  In addition, family connection time is provided each day from 2:30-3:30 pm.  Please connect with teachers regarding concerns and questions.  

    Please restart your student's SPS laptop today and make sure ZOOM is updated and running appropriately.  It is a good idea to restart the computers at least once every weekend.  

    Please make sure to read the teachers emails sent on Friday.  

    Monday, Oct 12th

    Tuesday, Oct 13th

    Wed, Oct 14th

    Thurs, Oct 15th

    Friday, Oct 16th

    Classes start at 8:30 am

    GSA meeting with Ms. Hanson, 12:15-12:55 pm

    National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 15th -Oct 15th

    Indigenous Peoples’ Day is TODAY.

    October is recognized as Disability Month, resources below.

    Classes start at 8:30 am

    Middle School LYFE meeting with Mr. Lawrence, 11:30-12 pm.

    Middle School ASB meetings with Mr. Castle, 11:30 am

    Curbside Checkout, K-3, 2:30-3:30 pm.

    Superintendent’s Virtual Town Hall,4:30 pm

    Classes start at 8:30 am






    Classes start at 8:30 am

    Middle School Photo Club, during lunch. See Don’s notice below.

    Curbside Checkout, 4th-8th grades, 2:30-3:30 pm.

    Middle School math textbook pick up during library checkout!


    Classes start at 8:30 am

    Get your TOPS start of school forms returned.






    New information is italicized below.

    Student and family climate surveys will be delivered during live/synchronous school time the week of Oct. 19.

    • Look for an email with instructions next week. Family surveys will be sent the week of Oct. 19 and will be emailed directly to families’ email address on file.
    • A generic link will be available if families do not have an email.

    Library Updates:

    Indigenous Peoples' Day is Monday, October 12.

    • To help our community learn about contemporary Native Americans and Washington State tribal history, Seattle Public Schools' Native American Education Program staff created a collection of curated resources organized by grade level.  See read aloud below under videos!

    Childcare vouchers available through December 2020

    • Thanks to local CARES emergency funding, vouchers are available to pay for childcare costs at licensed childcare providers between September and December 2020. Families may qualify for this financial assistance if they live or work in King County, fall within income guidelines and their income, work schedule, or access to childcare has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 or they are an essential worker.
    • More information on eligibility is available on the King County page.
    • To apply, families should:
    • Program information is available in 22 languages on the King County website.

    Parents of Color Caucus News:

    The TOPS Parents of Color Caucus (POCC) is a BIPOC group of parents and caregivers with students at TOPS. We're a BIPOC volunteer group that meets monthly to build community and discuss issues that most impact BIPOC students and families at TOPS. You can learn more about us here.

    As a relatively new group, we are still forming and evolving our structure. With the launch of a new school year and new families joining our community, we want to invite any and all adults who identify as BIPOC to join us in our work to build anti-racist practice at TOPS. If you are a BIPOC-identified adult with a student at TOPS and you'd like to learn more about the POCC, please fill out our POCC Survey. The answers from this survey will help us determine accessible meeting times, relevant topics for discussion, and ensure we're centering the needs of families furthest from educational justice. For easy access, survey link is here: POCC Survey.

    If you have questions about the POCC, please email us @

    El Caucus de Padres de Color de TOPS (POCC) es un grupo BIPOC de padres y cuidadores con estudiantes en TOPS. Somos un grupo voluntario de BIPOC que se reúne mensualmente para construir una comunidad y discutir los problemas que más impactan a los estudiantes y familias de BIPOC en TOPS. puede aprender más sobre nosotros aquí.

    Como grupo relativamente nuevo, todavía estamos formando y evolucionando nuestra estructura. Con el lanzamiento de un nuevo año escolar y nuevas familias que se unen a nuestra comunidad, queremos invitar a todos y cada uno de los adultos que se identifican como BIPOC a unirse a nosotros en nuestro trabajo para desarrollar prácticas antirracistas en TOPS. Si usted es un adulto identificado con BIPOC con un estudiante en TOPS y desea obtener más información sobre el POCC, complete nuestra Encuesta POCC. Las respuestas de esta encuesta nos ayudarán a determinar la accesibilidad horarios de reuniones, temas relevantes para la discusión y asegurarnos de que estamos centrando las necesidades de las familias más alejadas de la justicia educativa. Para un fácil acceso, el enlace de la encuesta está aquí: Encuesta POCC

    Si tiene preguntas sobre el POCC, envíenos un correo electrónico a @ 

    TOPS彩色核心小组家长(POCC)是BIPOC的父母和照顾者团体,与TOPS的学生一起。 们是BIPOC志愿者小组,每月举行一次会议,以建立社区并讨论对TOPSBIPOC学生和家庭影响最大的问题。 您可以在此处了解有关我们的更多信息

    为一个相对较新的团队,我们仍在形成和发展我们的结构。 随着新学年的开始和新家庭的加入,我们希望邀请所有被确认为BIPOC的成年人加入我们的工作,以在TOPS建立反种族主义做法。 如果您是BIPOC认证的成年人并且有TOPS的学生,并且您想了解有关POCC的更多信息,请填写我们的POCC调查。 这项调查的答案将帮助我们确定无障碍的开会时间,需要讨论的相关主题,并确保我们将家庭的需求集中在距教育正义最远的地方。 为了便于访问,此处提供调查链接:POCC调查


    TOPS የቀለም ካውከስ ወላጆች (POCC) TOPS ውስጥ ካሉ ተማሪዎች ጋር BIPOC ወላጆች እና ተንከባካቢዎች ቡድን ነው። እኛ BIPOC ተማሪዎች እና ቤተሰቦች ላይ TOPS ላይ ከፍተኛ ተጽዕኖ በሚያሳድሩ ጉዳዮች ላይ ህብረተሰቡን ለመገንባት በየወሩ የሚሰባሰብ የቢፒኮ ፈቃደኛ ቡድን ነን ፡፡ እዚህ ስለ እኛ የበለጠ ማወቅ ይችላሉ ፡፡

    በአንፃራዊነት አዲስ ቡድን እንደመሆናችን መጠን አሁንም መዋቅራችንን እየፈጠርን እና እየተሻሻልን ነው ፡፡ አዲስ የትምህርት ዓመት ሲጀመር እና አዳዲስ ቤተሰቦች ወደ ማህበረሰባችን ከተቀላቀሉ BIPOC የሚለዩ አዋቂዎችን ሁሉ TOPS የፀረ-ዘረኝነት አሰራርን ለመገንባት በስራችን ላይ እኛን እንዲቀላቀሉ ለመጋበዝ እንፈልጋለን ፡፡ እርስዎ BIPOC ተለይተው አዋቂ ከሆኑ TOPS ከተማሪ ጋር ከሆኑ እና ስለ POCC የበለጠ ማወቅ ከፈለጉ እባክዎ  POCC ዳሰሳ ጥናታችንን ይሙሉ  ከዚህ የዳሰሳ ጥናት መልሶች ተደራሽ የሆኑ የስብሰባ ጊዜዎችን አስፈላጊ የውይይት ርዕሰ ጉዳዮችን ለመወሰን እና ከትምህርት ፍትህ በጣም የራቀ የቤተሰቦችን ፍላጎቶች ማዕከል እንዳደረግን ይረዱናል ፡፡ ለቀላል መዳረሻ የዳሰሳ ጥናት አገናኝ እዚህ አለ-የፖ... ጥናት ፡፡ 

    ስለ POCC ጥያቄዎች ካሉዎት እባክዎ በኢሜል ይላኩልን

    TalkingPoints: Translated Two-Way Communication Tool

    • Seattle Public Schools is committed to improving two-way family communications and engagement, with a focus on families and students furthest from educational justice. 
    • In support of this commitment, the district has purchased a new communication platform, TalkingPoints. This new tool will provide two-way texting capabilities for schools and classroom educators.
    • TalkingPoints translates messages back and forth into over 100 languages.
    • Families will be automatically enrolled in TalkingPoints and can easily opt out of communications.
    • Training is currently underway for staff.  More information can be found here:

    SPS Celebrates Disability History Month

    • Disability History Awareness Month takes place during October to increase awareness, respect, and acceptance for people with disabilities and to bring a greater sense of pride to people with disabilities. During October, each school is required to engage in activities that provide instruction, awareness, and understanding of disability history and people with disabilities.
    • One Out of Five: Disability History and Pride Project
    • The Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO) and Rooted in Rights have partnered to create student voice videos highlighting students with disabilities' experiences in Washington's public K-12 schools as part of the One Out of Five: Disability History and Pride Project, an educational resource for teachers and students.
    • Join the discussion on disability awareness and inclusion on Twitter with #OneOutOfFiveDisabilityProject. We encourage you to share this resource with anyone who may be interested. Project overviews, lesson plans, and resources are located on the OEO Webpage. We encourage families to share these resources with their students and we have made them widely available to our staff.

    FREE Meals for ANYONE: 

    Online Video on/Video off: 

    • We always want to see your students.  ALWAYS.  We miss them and their peers miss them.
    • AND we know student comfort level with being onscreen varies.  We understand.
    • Please encourage your student to be present at the computer and engaged in the lesson even if they choose to leave the screen off.  Teachers are asking students for feedback and participation. 

    Tech Support:

    Hiding “Self-view” on ZOOM for kids who don’t want to see themselves on screen.

    Raz Kids Accessible through Clever Portal:  K-5 students can access RAZ kids on their Clever site.  Check it out on the district website through the Student Portal.

    Support for Families and Remote Learning:

    Tech Support Centers Across the District:

    ·Information is on the website. Information about where the Technology Resource Centers are can be found at:

    Contributing to Families in Need: 

    • We received our allocation from the Right Now Needs Fund.  These funds can help with utilities, rent, food and more.  However, they are limited in amount and we have more families asking for assistance than in the spring. 
    • If you are able and would like to help, first and foremost, thank you for your kind generosity.  We want to continue to support all TOPS Families.  Any help families can provide would be appreciated (and there is not such a thing as small help, everything counts) by sending Safeway, Kroger or Target gift cards to: 

    TOPS K8
    2500 Franklin Avenue E
    Seattle, WA 98102
    Att: Amy Schwentor

    Please be sure to include the gift card value on the items.  A huge shout out to all the families that have contributed!

    What I am reading:

    • Fiction: I am still reading Wicked as you Wish, by Rin Chupeco.  Just finished the picture book, The Girl Who Thought in Pictures The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin, by Julia Finley Mosca.
    • Non-Fiction:  This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewel (interview of the author, Tiffany Jewell, by Teaching Tolerance is linked here) and Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad.

    Videos of the week:    

    Joke of the week: 

    Q: Why do fish live in salt water?  A: Because pepper makes them sneeze.

    If you have a great joke that you would like to share with the TOPS community (age appropriate), please send to me.  I do spend quite a bit of time each week looking for jokes & videos! 

    Don't forget to check out the TOPS website ( for more events, timelines, etc...   

    Stay home, stay healthy, be safe.