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    Dear Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Families,

    It’s hard to believe another school year has passed. Thank you for all your generosity this past academic year. Your support helped ensure our kids receive high quality education surrounded by caring adults like our instructional assistants, Randy and Jenny. We all know firsthand how a caring community of educators can dramatically alter and improve a student’s educational journey.

    You all may remember PEAK, the program that traditionally raised funds to help pay for kindergarten class IAs at TOPS. Some of you will also remember that in years past, Friends of TOPS raised funds to cover IAs in 1st and 2nd grade classes. Alas, that fund has served its purpose and is now depleted. With classroom sizes going up from 22-26 next year and recognizing the importance of IAs in assisting students achieve academic success, Friends of TOPS has decided to make some changes to how we raise money and fund instructional assistant positions. First, we have renamed PEAK to Instructional Assistant Fund (IAFund). Second, the new IA Fund will raise money for instructional assistants in all K-2nd Grade class bands.

    The cost to fund K-2 grade Instructional Assistants at TOPS is $22,000 per year per grade. While Friends of TOPS covers some of the cost, we need to fundraise to cover the budget to fully fund the program. Our goal is to raise $17,000 per grade to help cover the shortfall by September 2017.

    We’re writing today to ask you for your support. Please consider making a gift to the IAFund to ensure that our kids have a supportive community of educators who care deeply about their success. Gifts of any amount goes a long way toward helping us reach our fundraising goal of $66,000.

    If you’re able, please consider pledging a gift of $600 to the IA Fund for the 2017-2018 school year. Donating is easy! You can simply mail a check or donate online. If you prefer to spread your gift over multiple months, you can do that as well ($600 over 12 months comes to $50 a month!). Simply:

    1) Send a check to Friends of TOPS 2500 Franklin Ave E, Seattle WA 98102 and put IAFund and your child's name in the memo section.


    2) Donate online via credit card or PayPal to the fund for your grade. Please add your child/children's name in the special instructions field.

    Thank you for your continued commitment to our students and the TOPS community.

    If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. To Amy (K), Amber (1st) or Melissa (2nd).