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    Each year, TOPS receives many letters from parents asking permission for their student(s) to be absent from school for an extended period of time. Keeping track of these absences, TOPS must align with the district Policy on long-term absences.  This policy reads in part:

    Planned absences are excused when you submit a request to the principal at least three school days before the start of the planned absence.  Long-term absences or a succession of long-term absences may affect whether your child will be promoted.  Absences for longer then twenty consecutive days will result in your child being dropped from TOPS school enrollment.

    Excused vs. Unexcused Family Trips
    To be excused, a trip or vacation needs to meet SPS criteria for being excused. 
    • Just going to another city, country or out of state, for vacation or to visit family or friends and nothing else, would not be excused.
    • A trip for a wedding or other family event is not automatically excused.  Neither is a trip for the holidays that gets extended because of the distance traveled.
    • At least five days of a trip for a funeral can be excused, but any part that would be added beyond this simply for a desire to visit family for a longer period of time may not be excused.

    If you are planning a long-term absence (5 or more consecutive days), please fill out the Planned Absence Form and return it to the TOPS office. The request will have to be approved by the principal before the child can be excused.