What fundraising buys?

Have you ever wondered what your donation to the No-Bake or money spent at the Auction (or both!) is being spent on?

For 2010-11, Friends of TOPS had 45 requests for funding, for a total of $220,250. We were not able to fund every request, but we were able to fund 42 projects for a total of $196,732.  Projects fall into five categories – Core Curriculum, Community, Multi-Cultural, Overhead and Miscellaneous, and Enrichment.

Here are a few examples of projects funded in each category:

Core Curriculum. This category includes projects ranging from 1st and 2nd grade Literacy Block ($16,950) to Art Supplies ($1900), Science Materials ($3000), PEAK ($10,500), and Library Supplies/Multi-Cultural Resources ($3680).

Community. Projects funded in this category include the Newsletter ($1600), the School Directory ($1600), ArtFest ($800), Expansion of the Kindergarten Playground and Memorial ($6000), and Eighth Grade Passage ($2500).

Multi-Cultural. Taste of TOPS ($1000) and Multi-Cultural Education ($2000) are funded under this category.

Overhead and Miscellaneous. The TOPS Website ($160), No-Bake Sale ($1500), Auction Expenses ($17,500), and Survey Monkey ($200) are among the items funded under Overhead and Miscellaneous.

Enrichment. This category covers a wide variety of projects including Elementary and Middle School Drama ($4500), Music ($14,070), Writers in Schools ($8000), Young Playwrights Program ($1500), and New Classroom Libraries ($10,932).

Friends of TOPS funds so many important programs. Without your participation, many of the programs at TOPS – including some that you may have thought were funded by the School District – wouldn’t exist. Please be as generous as you can during the No-Bake and at the Auction – the only two Friends of TOPS fundraisers – to enable us to continue to offer these enriching programs benefiting all our students.

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