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Site Council

Site Council

Site Council is one of our school’s governing bodies and is made up of school administrators, appointed staff, a member of the Eastlake community, and elected representatives who are family members or caregivers of children enrolled in TOPS. There is a parent or caregiver representative for each grade band, the Parents of Color Caucus, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Group.

Site Council members are also the trustees of TOPS’s parent-organized, non-profit fundraising organization called Friends of TOPS (FOT).  Money raised by Friends of TOPS provides opportunities for the TOPS community beyond what is provided by Seattle Public Schools, e.g. music for all grades, drama, movement, hourly classroom assistants, and community-building events.

Site Council meetings are held monthly and provide a forum for teachers, administrators, and families to share information, discuss concerns, raise questions, and make decisions. All parents and caregivers of TOPS students are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate (though only elected Site Council members may vote).

Your grade’s Site Council representative will regularly inform you of Site Council business and ask for your input via your grade band’s Google group. Please contact your representative if you have any questions about Site Council, the TOPS community, or school processes.

Meeting schedule

2021-22 Site Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30pm:

  • September 22 (4th week of September)
  • October 20
  • November 17
  • December 15
  • January 19
  • February 16
  • March 16
  • April 20
  • May 18
  • June 15

2021-2022 Site Council Roster

Kristen Benzelrep.k@topsk8.orgKindergarten Rep (shared)
Rob Rokhsarrep.k@topsk8.orgKindergarten Rep (shared)
Q Kintzrep.1@topsk8.org1st grade Rep
Sarah Kinsellarep.2@topsk8.org2nd Grade Rep
Nick or
3rd Grade Rep / Executive Council Treasurer
Lily Chanrep.4@topsk8.org4th Grade Rep (shared)
Matt Andersonrep.4@topsk8.org4th Grade Rep (shared)
Asra Ghorirep.5@topsk8.org5th Grade Rep
Rachael Hannahrep.6@topsk8.org6th Grade Rep
Kathy or
7th grade Rep / Executive Council Co-chair
Jana Robbinsrep.8@topsk8.org8th Grade Rep
Meg-Ann Whitney-Millersitecouncil-dhh@topsk8.orgDHH At-Large Parent Rep
Teri or sitecouncil-chair@topsk8.orgPOCC At-Large Parent Rep / Executive Council Co-chair
Stina Lane-Cummingssitecouncil-dhh@topsk8.orgDHH At-Large Parent Rep / Executive Council Secretary
Vineet Kumarcomms@topsk8.orgAt-Large Parent Rep / Executive Council Communications Director
Trevor MenaghAt-Large Parent Rep
Elizabeth KrauseAt-Large Parent Rep
TBAEastlake Community Council Rep
Amy Schwentoralschwentor@seattleschools.orgPrincipal / Executive Council member
Alex LaRosaaplarosa@seattleschools.orgAssistant Principal (non-voting member) / Executive Council member
Annie Markeyacmarkey@seattleschools.orgStaff Rep Grades K-2
Emily Williamsekwilliams@seattleschools.orgStaff Rep Grades 3-5
Bo Caobycao@seattleschools.orgStaff Rep Grades 6-8