Site Council

Mission Statement

TOPS Site Council Definition/Mission

TOPS Site Council, a community of parents, staff, and neighborhood representatives, serves as one of the governing bodies of our school.  Site Council has responsibilities for leadership, advocacy, financial stewardship, and strategic planning to assure the highest standards of educational excellence and an inclusive, supportive school community. Under the Site Council-affiliated non-profit group, Friends of TOPS, funds are also raised for the school.

The purpose of the TOPS Site Council is to promote the students’ intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth in collaboration with the school’s Leadership Team and staff. Included in the scope of Site Council’s work are the following:

  • Advance the social justice mission of TOPS
  • Support school staff in efforts to facilitate and enhance student learning
  • Enable families to become informed about and help shape the educational and extracurricular programs at TOPS
  • Build community and communication within TOPS, and between TOPS and the broader community of Seattle
  • Provide direction to Friends of TOPS in allocating funds raised by TOPS families, consistent with the school mission and the Site Council strategic plan
  • Evaluate the state of the school and parent-funded programs
  • Advocate for the interests of TOPS with the Seattle School District and the City of Seattle
  • Attend to other issues, such as student safety or facility maintenance and improvement, as they arise