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TOPS Email Groups

TOPS families use Google Groups to stay connected with each other, to receive announcements, and to discuss any concerns or questions with their site council reps. It’s an important channel for building community, especially when our opportunities for in-person connections are limited by pandemic precautions.

Use any of the following links to subscribe to the appropriate groups:

Incoming 2023-2024 Kindergarten2032+subscribe@topsk8.orgCandice B
1st grade, class of 20312031+subscribe@topsk8.orgJasmine Park
2nd grade, class of 20302030+subscribe@topsk8.orgHeather Fox
3rd grade, class of Rob Rokhsar
4th grade, class of Krista Stackhouse
5th grade, class of Sabrina Kremer
6th grade, class of Stephanie Lunt
7th grade, class of Amber Gee
8th grade, class of Tim Ahlers
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Laura Gramer

Shortly after you send an email to one of the addresses above you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm by replying. Any reply will do, e.g. the word “yes”. Then you’ll receive another email saying your membership is pending, until a moderator approves it and you’ll get a final confirmation saying you’re subscribed.

If you need any assistance (with this or anything else) please don’t hesitate to email and we’ll help you get connected!