PE Curriculum

PE Course Description

The physical education program is the component of the TOPS curriculum concerned with the teaching of skills, acquisition of knowledge, and development of attitudes through human movement. The TOPS physical education staff is committed to the standards endorsed by our state: Establishing a physical education program that is developmentally appropriate, student centered, and inclusive while providing a variety of movement options for learning, for leisure, and for life.


  • To encourage physical activity and the attainment of physical fitness.
  • To develop movement competency.
  • To foster creativity (explore possibilities available to select the action suitable for her/his purposes).
  • To practice social skills and learn how to respect others.
  • To promote self understanding and acceptance.
  • To increase each student’s library of lifetime skills by providing developmentally appropriate activities.
  • To emphasize safety practices.

The TOPS P.E. program offers many opportunities for students to practice cooperation, leadership and decision making. It builds self esteem when students accomplish their physical fitness goals and achieve competency in new lifelong recreational activities.

Alternative PE Activities

TOPS Physical Education is always looking for inclusive, success oriented activities such as unicycle riding, dance, juggling, gymnastics, sailing, yo-yo, aerobics, cooperative games, lacrosse, bowling, rock wall climbing, racquet sports , hacky sack, waveboarding, scooters, jump rope, Double Dutch, Ultimate Frisbee and rugby as well as a variety of traditional team sports including Soccer, basketball, volleyball and track.

Two years ago the Seattle Public Schools Physical Education Program began implementing a new curriculum called “Five for Life” in a select number of schools. Now all Seattle Public Schools are using the Five for Life curriculum.

For complete info on TOPS participation in this program, read more on the  Five for Life page.