School Supply Lists

7th & 8th Grade

7th & 8th Grade Supply List

Please note: All students are to maintain their supplies throughout the year. Paper, pens, and pencils should be well stocked.

7th Grade ELA/Social Studies

  • 1″ or 1.5″ Binder
  • Writing materials (pens or pencils)
  • 2-3 Composition books
  • Optional: Personal colors, glue, and tape (there are community color bins available in class)

8th Grade ELA/Social Studies

  • Composition notebooks
  • Writing materials (pens or pencils)


  • 7th grade – Scientific calculator; TI-30XIIS Recommended
  • 8th grade – TI-84 Plus graphing calculator recommended but not required – will be used throughout high school
  • Notebook – graphing composite preferred, college rule okay
  • Optional: Coloring supplies (colored pencils, markers, sharpies), AA batteries for classroom set of graphing calculators, dry erase markers
  • Graph paper



Orchestra Program Wishlist

  • Working instrument (rental, own, or school instrument)
  • Extra set of strings (Helicore, Dominant, or Prelude brands are good)
  • Rosin in case, shoulder rest (violin/viola), rock stop (cello/bass)
  • Pencil for class and folding music stand for home practice
  • This year we are going to be using Habits of a Successful MIDDLE LEVEL String Musician (instrument specific) book for technique in 6-8th grade.
  • We will use it in class and I hope to have a class set! Any tests given, the students will have a photocopy of the test to practice at home. This is a new edition, and we need a classroom set for daily use! If you would like to help contribute to that set, please see the Orchestra Amazon Wishlist and order from there. I have also included other shared supplies for the program that we need for the year.
  • Other things to anticipate: We will do a T-shirt and sweatshirt order hopefully in October and concert clothes will be needed. First concert is in December. We have fundraised money in ASB fund that will go towards trips and activities and FOT has given us a small budget for sheet music and replacing and purchasing new school instruments.