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    Community support has a very real impact

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    Because of the generosity of the TOPS community, Friends of TOPS ensures additional programming beyond what Seattle Public Schools provides. Through Friends of TOPS, our community is able to establish its own priorities for our children’s experiences, providing academic support and exciting enrichment opportunities. 

    These funds allow TOPS children to have experiences and opportunities truly specific to TOPS - ones that could not be found at other Seattle schools. Here are just a few of the unique programs that Friends of TOPS supports:

    general music education for K-3, every 4th and 5th grader learns an instrument, Middle School Band and Orchestra
    Drama and Movement
    kindergarten dance, an integrated drama program for 1st-8th grades led by experienced teaching artists
    Planting the Seeds
    an immersive learning experience for 8th graders volunteering with organizations that serve people experiencing homelessness
    a community driven educational experience where community members share something meaningful with small groups of mixed-grade students
    Urban Horticulture
    hands-on garden education connecting to academic subjects and social justice
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Nights
    connects families to community resources and provides opportunity for socializing and community building

    Here is a full list of programs funded by the TOPS community through Friends of TOPS for the 2020-2021 school year*. Every year, community members suggest and lead the programs, so each year may have new and different programming.

    Please take a moment to make a donation to Friends of TOPS and support these programs that empower students to be active participants, leaders, learners, and contributors to social justice. To guarantee funds for budgeted programs, Friends of TOPS uses donations received in the current school year to fund the programs that will occur in the following school year.

    Donate with PayPal button

    Checks may be made out to “Friends of TOPS” and dropped off in the office or sent to:

    Friends of TOPS
    2500 Franklin Ave E
    Seattle, WA 98102

    If you work for a company that matches donations, please submit a matching request to your employer to multiply the impact of your gift.

    If you have questions or ideas, please contact us at

    Thank you,
    TOPS Site Council
    and Friends of TOPS

    *It is our hope that each of the budgeted programs will continue as planned. However, given the unique nature of this school year, programs may not be able to proceed. If that is the case, Friends of TOPS will either reallocate those funds to programs that can benefit this year’s special demands or roll funds over to the following year.